podiatry [po-di´ah-tre] the specialized field dealing with the study and care of the foot, including its anatomy, pathology, medical and surgical treatment, and other aspects.feet are a complex system of bones, muscles and ligaments which when kept in good condition function in total harmony with one another and importantly with the rest of the body. Unfortunately it is easy to neglect our feet which may lead to pain and discomfort.


Ian Jones PodiatristWelcome to Ian Jones Podiatry. This site contains information about the podiatry, chiropody & foot health along with information on common problems & the treatments offered along with details of our clinic.

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Ian Jones podiatryIan has been established for 25 years in the area having initially practiced in a hospital environment treating and caring for diabetic patients and giving advise to mothers for their children’s feet.

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foot problems...

Ian Jones podiatristyour feet are subjected to excessive pressure everyday which can lead to corns, hard skin, bunions and hammer toes or a number of other issues. All these problems can be relieved by podiatry treatment.

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